Dental Implants Sarasota, FL

Are you missing one or multiple permanent teeth? Do you want to restore your smile’s appearance and function? Dental implants can provide an exceptional tooth replacement option that restores natural function and aesthetics to patients’ smiles. Implants are titanium posts surgically fixed in the jawbone. We will ensure the artificial tooth looks natural and feels comfortable on the dental implant.

After dental implants fully heal, they support a tooth crown, denture, or dental bridge. Dental implants restore normal bite function and natural smile aesthetics. Dr. Benson has advanced training in the placement of all types of dental implants for replacing one or more missing teeth. Tooth implants are a restorative dentistry procedure we offer to new and existing patients in Sarasota, Florida.

Dental Implants in Sarasota, Florida

Why Should You Replace Missing Teeth?

Even if you only have a single missing tooth, several dental problems can occur because of lost teeth. The following issues are most common we see when you don’t replace missing teeth:

  • Shifting Teeth: Natural teeth can shift if patients do not fill the gap in their smile left by missing teeth. Sometimes, the shifting teeth can overcrowd, leaving patients more prone to decay and bite issues.
  • Gum and Dental Infections: Harmful bacteria can quickly collect in the socket left by a missing tooth. Furthermore, if a patient loses permanent teeth because of decay and does not treat their infection, it can spread to surrounding teeth. 
  • Bite and Speech Problems: One or multiple missing teeth can create an uneven bite. Over time, this uneven bite can place more pressure on the temporomandibular joints. This leads to bruxism, headaches, and orofacial pain. Lost permanent teeth can also make it more difficult for patients to speak clearly. 

Dental implants and other implant-secured restorations provide lasting support for patients missing permanent teeth. They also reduce the risk of jawbone deterioration. 

Dental Implant Treatment in Sarasota, FL

Before beginning implant treatment, we ensure that patients are good candidates for treatment. We also ensure that there are no outstanding dental problems like cavities or gum disease before beginning. To start, we place the titanium implant post in the jaw bone and attach a healing cap to the implant. Over a period of three to six months, the implant fuses to the jaw bone. We refer to this process as osseointegration.

After this, we will place an abutment over the implant screw. This is what the restoration will attach to. We can create dental crowns for single missing teeth in our office; however, we also work with local labs to create more detailed restorations like dental bridges and dentures. After we create the restoration, we’ll attach it to the abutment. Patients can then leave our office with a new smile that functions and looks just like their natural smile.

Many patients report an increase in functionality to their bite and self-confidence after the implant process is complete. 

Implant-Secured Dentures

Patients with rows or full arches of missing teeth may need a restoration to renew the function and aesthetics of their smiles. While traditional dentures restore aesthetics, they lay on top of the gums, making it hard to bite and chew properly. Traditional dentures also do not support the underlying bone and gum tissue, making patients more prone to jaw bone deterioration. 

Modern implant-secured dentures use support from multiple dental implants. As few as four dental implants can restore a full arch of missing teeth. To provide these dentures, we will take images of the smile to find the best places in the mouth to place the dental implants. After we place the implants, we will construct a custom denture and place the restoration once the implants fully fuse with the jaw bone.

Teeth In a Day

With SmartFix, patients can receive a restoration on the same day as their implant surgery. SmartFix is an implant system that allows us to create full-arch replacements for missing teeth.

We will require a consultation and examination before Teeth In a Day to see if you are a viable candidate for treatment. Using CBCT scans, we can view the entire structure of the mouth to plan where we will place the implants and restoration. When we place the implants and restorations, we place the implants at an angle to reduce the implants used and avoid the need for bone grafting. This method makes it possible for patients to receive functional restorations in a timely manner.

Implant Systems

We use the Astra Tech Implant EV and Prime Taper Implant systems from Dentsply Sirona. Astra Tech uses short and narrow components for tight spaces and patients with limited vertical bone. The Astra Tech system also uses modified titanium to help the implant healing process and regenerate healthy bone tissue. This material can help the implants bond with the bone tissue for a stronger foundation.

Like the Astra Tech implant components, Prime Taper components use modified titanium. The Prime Taper components allow us to work with patients with compromised bone or lower bone density. These components allow for immediate loading with improved torque.

Dental Implant FAQs

Do you have further questions about dental implants? Continue reading to learn more about teeth implants with answers to common questions. We hope to provide you with valuable insight about this tooth loss treatment. If you have additional questions or concerns about dental implants, please contact us.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post your dentist will surgically embed in your jawbone. It will replace the missing tooth root. The implant post will fuse to the bone, providing a stable foundation to secure the artificial teeth. This advanced dental solution restores function and aesthetics and prevents bone loss associated with tooth loss.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

We recommend implants for patients who are in good oral health with healthy jaw bone tissue. However, we can recommend bone grafting services to add healthy bone tissue where you need it. Our dental team can also provide root canal treatments or periodontal therapy.

What should I avoid after implant treatment?

Following dental implant treatment, avoid:

  • Smoking and using tobacco products
  • Intense exercise
  • Aggressive brushing and rinsing
  • Chewy, crunchy, and hard foods
  • Hot foods or beverages

How do I sleep after dental implant treatment?

You should elevate your head during sleep for two to three days after surgery. Sleeping with your head propped up at a 45-degree angle encourages the healing process. Laying flat will constrict the blood flow to the treated areas.

How do dental implants work?

We place one or more dental implants in the jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. Here, they will create a foundation for false teeth. This could be a dental crown if the patient is missing one tooth, a dental bridge if they are missing several teeth, or a denture if a whole arch of teeth is missing. Dental implants restore functionality and aesthetics and prevent bone loss.

How long does the dental implant process take?

The dental implant process involves multiple stages and can take several months. After implant placement, a healing period will take place where the implant fused to the bone. Subsequent steps include placing abutments and creating custom prosthetics. The overall duration varies based on individual factors, ensuring proper healing and successful integration before final restoration.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

Dental implants have a high success rate, typically exceeding 95%. Success depends on factors such as patient health, proper implant placement, and adherence to post-operative care. With careful consideration of these factors, dental implants provide a reliable and durable solution for tooth replacement.

Do dental implants look natural?

Yes, we design dental implants to closely resemble natural teeth. Custom dental restorations will match the color, shape, and size of adjacent teeth, ensuring a natural appearance. The seamless integration of implants into the jawbone contributes to a lifelike and aesthetically pleasing result.

Can smokers get dental implants?

Yes, smokers can receive dental implants. However, smoking may impact healing and success rates. Quitting or reducing smoking enhances the chances of successful implant integration and long-term stability. Dr. Benson will advise that you quit smoking to optimize the overall success of your dental implant procedure.

How do I know if I need bone grafting for implants?

Dr. Benson will take X-rays and assess your oral health. This will help determine if you have insufficient bone density. If you do, you may need grafting to ensure a stable foundation for implant placement.

Can dental implants fail?

While uncommon, dental implant failure can occur due to factors like infection, poor healing, or inadequate bone support. Adhering to post-operative care guidelines, maintaining oral hygiene, and addressing potential issues promptly minimize the risk of implant failure, ensuring the long-term success of the dental implant procedure.

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