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Do you have one or more cavities? Is extensive tooth damage causing discomfort and pain? At Integrated Dental, we provide dental extractions to help patients with severe decay, impaction, and damage. Many patients may think that extractions are highly painful, uncomfortable treatments. However, we use anesthesia and dental sedation for pain-free treatment.

We also monitor patients throughout treatment to ensure their comfort. Learn more about what happens during tooth extraction treatment in our Sarasota, FL office and why extractions are important for some patients. Tooth extraction is a general dentistry service we offer to new and existing patients in Sarasota, Florida.

Tooth Extractions in Sarasota, Florida

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

There are several reasons why we may recommend a dental extraction:

  • Tooth Decay: Many patients who develop tooth decay also develop cavities, pits, or holes in the tooth enamel. Our team can provide root canal treatment to remove infected nerves and tissue from a tooth and seal it with a dental filling. However, we may recommend an extraction if we cannot save a tooth with a root canal.
  • Impacted Teeth: Tooth impaction occurs when a tooth is stuck in the gums or bone. Impacted teeth can damage other teeth and lead to severe pain. Typically, wisdom teeth become impacted and require removal.
  • Tooth Damage: If patients have severe tooth damage, we may also extract a tooth. Impaction and infection can make it painful for patients to eat and speak. Removing and replacing damaged teeth can rebalance the bite and relieve pain.

Tooth Extractions in Sarasota, FL

We ensure patient comfort throughout their extraction treatment. If patients require a simple extraction, we numb the tooth with a local anesthetic and remove the tooth. Simple extractions remove teeth above the gum line.

However, if patients have a tooth that is at or below the gum line, we will need to perform a complex dental extraction. We will use anesthetic and dental sedation so patients will not feel any pain during their treatment. 

Once patients have healed from their extraction, we often recommend dental implants or implant-secured restorations. However, we can also provide traditional dental bridges and dentures. These restorations make it easier for patients to eat the foods they love and restore their smile’s appearance. 

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of molars located at the back of the mouth. They typically emerge in late adolescence or early adulthood, usually between the ages of 17 and 25. It has become a common practice to remove wisdom teeth. This is because it is unlikely that they will be functional and there is a higher chance they will cause you harm.

However, not everyone will require removal of their wisdom teeth. Removing them when patients are in their late teens or early 20s is a preventive measure to avoid potential complications. Dr. Benson will monitor the development of your wisdom teeth through exams and X-ray and recommend removal when necessary. Early evaluation and timely removal can prevent future dental problems and ensure optimal oral health.

Several reasons may necessitate the removal of wisdom teeth:

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Most people will not have enough space for their wisdom teeth to fully emerge, leading to impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling, and increase the risk of infection.
  • Misalignment: Due to limited space, wisdom teeth may come in at an angle or in a direction that can disrupt the alignment of existing teeth. This misalignment can lead to crowding or shifting of nearby teeth.
  • Tooth Decay: Wisdom teeth can be hard to clean properly because they are located in the back of the mouth. This makes them more susceptible to decay and cavities, which can affect adjacent teeth as well.
  • Gum Inflammation: The partial eruption of wisdom teeth can create a flap of gum tissue that easily traps food particles and bacteria. This can lead to inflammation and infection known as pericoronitis.
  • Sinus Issues: Upper wisdom teeth roots are close to the sinuses. When they begin to grow in, they can place pressure on the sinuses which can lead to sinus headaches and infections.

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