Emergency Dentist Sarasota, FL

A dental emergency can happen at any time. Tooth pain or damage, broken restorations, and lost teeth are reasons to seek same-day care. We leave time in our daily schedule to help patients who need emergency care to receive prompt treatment. However, if patients have other non-dental injuries that require medical care, we recommend that they visit a hospital before our office.

Once patients are healthy enough, they can visit the dentist. We welcome patients to learn more about our emergency dental services in Sarasota, FL, and how to deal with sudden dental problems at home. Providing solutions to dental emergencies is just one of the general dental care services we offer the public in Sarasota, Florida.

Emergency Dentist in Sarasota, Florida

Emergency Dentistry in Sarasota, FL

Learn how we address common dental emergencies in our dental office:

Lost Permanent Tooth

Have you just lost a tooth? It’s possible to place the tooth back in your mouth. Rinse the tooth in cool water and avoid touching the roots. Then place the tooth in its socket and gently bite down. If you cannot locate or reattach your tooth, contact our office.

Place the tooth in a cup of saliva or place the tooth on the side of your cheek to keep it moist. We can also provide long-lasting dental implants if we cannot reattach the tooth.

Broken Restoration

If you have just broken a dental crown, filling, bridge, or denture, do not try to place the appliance or restoration back in your mouth. Bring the broken restoration to us if possible. We will evaluate the damage and replace the restoration.

Damaged Tooth

A small tooth chip or crack may not be an emergency. However, if large pieces of enamel are missing, call our office. Avoid chewing with the tooth and pick up any pieces if possible.

Also, if you notice any bleeding, apply gauze or a clean cloth to the tooth. We may recommend dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or a dental crown, depending on the extent of tooth damage. 

Tooth Pain

There can be many causes of a toothache, from a dental injury to an abscess. Once we find the source of your pain, we will recommend the appropriate treatment. For instance, we will provide a tooth crown, dental veneers, or bonding treatment if you have a broken tooth. If you have a cavity or tooth abscess, we may recommend a root canal and dental filling.

Persistent Bleeding

It is normal for patients to experience bleeding gums if they have gum inflammation or gingivitis. Additionally, it is normal for bleeding to persist after a dental extraction. However, it is not normal for patients to experience excessive bleeding.

If you continue bleeding for days after your dental surgery, contact our office, and we can stave off the bleeding. Furthermore, if you experience bleeding gums that do not go away after you brush and floss, you may need a deep cleaning in our office. 

Contact Our Office

If you have a dental emergency, call Integrated Dental at 941-270-9755. Additionally, if you do not have a dental emergency but require dental care, you may make a dental appointment on our website.