Teeth Whitening Sarasota, FL

Do you have dull or stained teeth? Is your chipped or cracked tooth now discolored? Address one or more yellowed, stained, or discolored teeth with our teeth whitening treatments in Sarasota, FL. Whitening treatments are a part of cosmetic dentistry, helping patients enhance their natural smiles. Brightening natural teeth or covering one or more discolored teeth with cosmetic or restorative treatment can create a seamless, healthy look. 

Teeth Whitening in Sarasota, Florida

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

There are multiple common causes of discolored teeth. The following are the most common causes we see in our office:

  • Foods and Beverages: Tea, coffee, berries, wine, and tomato sauces can stain natural teeth. This is because these foods and beverages contain chromogens, which dye the enamel. Even regular brushing and flossing are sometimes not enough to remove staining. 
  • Tobacco Products: Vaping, smoking, or using other tobacco products easily stains the tooth enamel. Tobacco products contain nicotine, which yellows and darkens teeth. If you struggle with discolored teeth, it is highly recommended that you quit these habits. 
  • Dental Injuries: A tooth chip, crack, or fracture can expose dentin, the dark underlayer beneath the enamel. Dentin makes teeth appear darker or discolored. 
  • Medications: Certain types of medications can have tooth discoloration as a side effect. For instance, antihistamines, blood pressure medications, and antipsychotics can darken the enamel’s appearance.

Contact our office if you want to address stained, yellowed, or discolored teeth. We will work with you to find the best treatment for your smile.

Teeth Whitening Treatments in Sarasota, FL

We provide in-office and take-home whitening treatment for patients who want to address extrinsic stains. Extrinsic tooth stains are superficial because they stain the outer layer of the enamel. Professional whitening treatment can help remove these stains and create a whiter and brighter tooth enamel.

Zoom QuickPro

Our Philips Zoom QuickPro in-office whitening treatment uses dual varnishes to lift tooth stains. During Zoom QuickPro treatment, we apply a 20 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish evenly over the teeth. We cover patients’ gums before applying the whitening varnish to ensure that it only contacts the tooth’s surface. Once the varnish dries, we apply a sealer layer. This treatment can whiten patients’ teeth by up to 8 shades in just one setting. 

Patients should not eat, drink, or smoke for 30 minutes after treatment to ensure the varnish penetrates the enamel. Zoom QuickPro whitening treatment is also available as an add-on for patients if they have just completed a routine dental cleaning.

Opalescence Whitening

We also provide Opalescence PF and Opalescence Go take-home treatments for our patients. Opalescence PF uses custom whitening trays that we create using dental impressions. Once we create the trays and ensure that they fit properly, we will provide you with a whitening gel to apply inside the tooth trays. This whitening gel releases active ingredients like carbamide peroxide in 10, 15, 20, 35, and 45 percent concentrations.

Opalescence Go also uses disposable whitening trays and offers 10 and 15 percent concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. This treatment uses white inner trays and green outer trays. Once you place the trays on the teeth, gently suck air in to stick the inner tray onto the teeth and remove the outer trays.

Patients can wear both Opalescence treatments once a day for ten days or until they receive their desired results. The results show gradually, so once you have reached your desired tooth shade, you can stop at-home treatment. 

Cosmetic and Restorative Care

Alternatively, we will recommend porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, and dental crowns for patients with intrinsic tooth stains. Intrinsic staining occurs within a tooth. Tooth damage, medications, and wear can cause intrinsic stains. 

Porcelain Veneers

If you are looking for a permanent way to whiten your teeth, dental veneers can do just that. Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are bonded to the front surface of teeth. Our patients use them to address yellow teeth, stained teeth, and tooth discoloration. Your dentist will need to remove a small amount of enamel from the teeth to create space for the veneers.

The porcelain material mimics the natural translucency of teeth and is resistant to staining. Veneers can hide intrinsic stains that may not respond well to teeth whitening. Porcelain veneers provide a durable and brighter, whiter smile. Dr. Benson will match your teeth veneers to your desired shade, creating a natural look. The goal is to enhance your overall appearance while effectively hiding your tooth discoloration. To learn more about the porcelain veneer process, see Porcelain Veneers.

Teeth Bonding

Dr. Benson will suggest dental bonding if you have tough stains that will not respond to teeth whitening. Teeth bonding is a cosmetic procedure where your dentist will apply the composite resin to the affected tooth’s surface. The resin is shaped, molded, and then cured with a special light to bond it to the tooth. Dr. Benson can match the bonding material to your natural tooth shade, providing a seamless appearance. Teeth bonding offers a cost-effective and relatively quick solution for enhancing discolored teeth. However, it is not as stain-resistant or durable as porcelain veneers. To learn more about dental bonding process, see Teeth Bonding.

Dental Crowns

If patients have large areas of damage or wear in addition to stained teeth, Dr. Benson may suggest a dental crown. He will place a tooth crown over the existing tooth to cover and fully protect it. We custom-make porcelain dental crowns in a single day with CEREC technology. This type of restoration will precisely match the shade of your surrounding teeth, providing a natural and uniform appearance.

Dental crowns not only conceal discoloration but also strengthen and protect the underlying tooth. This versatile solution is beneficial for cases of severe staining, intrinsic discoloration, or when other cosmetic treatments do not whiten teeth. To learn more about same-day dental crowns, see Dental Crown.

Regardless of whether your staining is intrinsic or extrinsic, Dr. Melvin Benson has solutions to restore your teeth and reach the shade you desire. Contact our office today if you are looking to restore your smile or whiten your teeth. 

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