Dental Bridge Sarasota, FL

Are you missing one or multiple consecutive missing teeth? Try a dental bridge. A bridge can use the support of natural teeth or dental implants to restore the appearance and function of teeth. Dental bridges can also be a good alternative to removable partial dentures depending on the number of teeth missing and the strength of remaining natural teeth on either side of the tooth gap.

At Integrated Dental, Dr. Melvin Benson collaborates with patients to discover the right restorative dental treatments for their needs, whether it’s a single dental implant or bridge. Our goal is always to provide patients with the best option for their needs. 

Dental Bridge in Sarasota, Florida

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges consist of a false tooth held in place by teeth adjacent to the missing gap. A traditional fixed dental bridge is glued in place after a temporary bridge. While traditional bridges renew the look and feel of the bite, dental implants can provide a longer-lasting restoration.

One or more dental implants can restore single or multiple consecutive teeth. Implants restore teeth at the root and prevent the need to prepare remaining natural teeth. The titanium implant posts are permanent as long as patients continue caring for their smiles. Dental implant-supported dental bridges are great options for patients who want stable, natural-looking results. These function and look extremely similar to patients’ natural teeth, and a virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. 

Dental Bridge Treatment in Sarasota, FL

To begin traditional dental bridge treatment, we prepare the teeth on either side of the tooth gap and take dental impressions. Additionally, we color-match the patient’s natural teeth to ensure the bridge’s false teeth look natural. Then, we send these impressions and specifications to a lab to create the bridge. This lab matches your dental bridge to the exact color, shape, and size of your natural tooth enamel. Once the fixed dental bridge is complete, we ensure that the color and contour of the false tooth or teeth are accurate before placement.

However, if patients want dental implants, we can provide implant surgery before creating the custom bridge. It will take time for the implants to fuse with the jaw bone before we attach the completed bridge. The process in which the impacts fuse with the jawbone is called osseointegration. This may take anywhere from three to six months to occur, however when implants are utilized to place a bridge, it significantly reduces the risk of bone deterioration. We can also provide an immediate bridge after tooth extraction. However, the gum tissue can recede over time, and we will need to plan a more permanent option.

Dental Bridge FAQs

Do you have further questions about dental bridges in our Sarasota, FL office? Continue reading to find answers to questions commonly asked in our office. 

Why choose a dental implant or implant-supported bridge?

When replacing lost teeth, the ability to bite, chew food, and speak with confidence is the concern of most patients. Dental implants can give you back natural function and aesthetics. Secured into the existing jaw bone, an implant can provide normal bite function without the fear of a slipping appliance.

Am I a candidate for an implant bridge?

Most patients are candidates for a dental implant or implant bridge. If there are concerns related to gum health or the condition of the bone in the jaw there are solutions to create a more stable foundation, such as bone grafting. Dr. Benson will recommend any necessary treatments to ensure a successful outcome when using dental implants.

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