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Are you missing one or multiple consecutive missing teeth? Dental bridges are conservative restorations that can help patients restore their oral health and smile. A bridge can be supported by natural teeth or dental implants to function as natural teeth. They can also be a good alternative to removable partial dentures depending on the number of teeth missing and the strength of remaining natural teeth on either side of the tooth gap. At Integrated Dental, Dr. Melvin Benson can provide you with a custom dental bridge is Sarasota, FL.

Our dental office will collaborate with each patient to discover the right restorative dentistry treatment they need to replace their missing teeth. Our goal is always to provide patients with the best option to meet their needs, aesthetic goals, and budget. A dental bridge is a great choice for patients who are missing one or several teeth consecutively. 

dental bridge is Sarasota, FL

Types of Dental Bridges

There are several types of dental bridges available. Each one can serve a different purpose. They one you will need depends on how many teeth you need to replace, the condition of your adjacent teeth, the quality of your jawbone, and aesthetic goals. Continue to learn more about the types of dental bridges we offer.

Temporary Dental Bridge

A provisional or interim dental bridge is basically a temporary dental restoration that you will wear until your permanent one is ready. This is an important dental restoration as it will help prevent teeth shifting, protect exposed gums or teeth, improved chewing abilities, and maintain aesthetics until the permanent bridge is ready. A temporary dental bridge is not as durable as a permanent bridge and should be used with caution. They are designed to be used strictly for a short period of time. Please follow your dentists instructions in taking care of your temporary dental bridge.

Traditional Fixed Dental Bridge

A traditional dental bridge is fixed in place by anchoring the restoration to healthy teeth that are adjacent to the gap. It is made up of dental crowns, the portion that is cemented to the adjacent teeth, and pontics, the false teeth that will replace the missing teeth. A dental bridge is a single unit restoration that can be made from several types of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys. It is more durable than a temporary bridge because it is cemented in place. It will successfully restore the function and appearance of your missing teeth, allow you to chew better, speak more clearly, and smile with confidence again.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

We can also secure a dental bridge using dental implants. This type of dental restoration is used to replace several missing teeth in a row. Instead of using healthy, adjacent teeth to secure the bridge, we will use two or more implant fixtures. These dental implants are surgically secured in the jawbone via a surgical procedure. They will fuse to the surrounding bone creating the most durable base for a dental restoration. 

Dental Implants restore teeth at the root and prevent the need to prepare remaining natural teeth. The titanium implant posts are permanent as long as patients continue to properly care for their oral health. Dental implant-supported dental bridges are great options for patients who want stable, natural-looking results. These function and look extremely similar to patients’ natural teeth, and a virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. 

Dental Bridge Treatment in Sarasota, FL

To begin traditional dental bridge treatment, we prepare the teeth on either side of the tooth gap and take dental impressions. Additionally, we color-match the patient’s natural teeth to ensure the bridge’s false teeth look natural. Then, we send these impressions and specifications to a lab to create the bridge. This lab matches your dental bridge to the exact color, shape, and size of your natural tooth enamel. Once the fixed dental bridge is complete, we ensure that the color and contour of the false tooth or teeth are accurate before placement.

However, if patients want dental implants, we can provide implant surgery before creating the custom bridge. It will take time for the implants to fuse with the jaw bone before we attach the completed bridge. The process in which the impacts fuse with the jawbone is called osseointegration. This may take anywhere from three to six months to occur, however when implants are utilized to place a bridge, it significantly reduces the risk of bone deterioration. We can also provide an immediate bridge after tooth extraction. However, the gum tissue can recede over time, and we will need to plan a more permanent option.

Dental Bridge FAQs

Do you have further questions about dental bridges in our Sarasota, FL office? Continue reading to find answers to questions commonly asked in our office. 

Why choose a dental implant or implant-supported bridge?

When replacing lost teeth, the ability to bite, chew food, and speak with confidence is the concern of most patients. Dental implants can give you back natural function and aesthetics. Secured into the existing jaw bone, an implant can provide normal bite function without the fear of a slipping appliance.

Am I a candidate for an implant bridge?

Most patients are candidates for a dental implant or implant bridge. If there are concerns related to gum health or the condition of the bone in the jaw there are solutions to create a more stable foundation, such as bone grafting. Dr. Benson will recommend any necessary treatments to ensure a successful outcome when using dental implants.

How long will my dental bridge last?

The life span of a dental bride completely depends on how well it is taken care of. This involves daily brushing and flossing including properly brushing under the bridge. You will also need to visit your dentist regularly for a check-up and teeth cleaning. These habits will ensure you remain in good oral health and that your bridge is functioning normally. Your bridge can last up to 15 years with this kind of proper care.

How many teeth can a dental bridge replace?

Most dentists use a dental bridge to replace one or two teeth. However, it is possible for it to replace up to four (sometimes more) teeth. However, it is important to note that the bridge will be less stable the longer it gets.

How do you eat with a dental bridge?

The most common type of dental bridge is a fixed dental bridge. It is not usually difficult to eat when the dental restoration is fixed inside your mouth. A dental bridge is secured to the abutments with a very strong bond making it hard for them shift or move out of place. You should be able to chew food with little issues. The only food restrictions involve items that can harm the bridge such as very hot beverages, food or beverages that stain teeth easily, and hard or sticky food that can physically damage the bridge.

Will my dental insurance provide coverage for my dental bridge?

It depends on the extent of your coverage and your policy. Our patients’ dental insurance policies are vastly different. We suggest you contact your provider to see what they cover and how much each treatment they cover.

How do I take care of my dental bridge?

Taking care of and maintaining a dental bridge is simple. You need to maintain proper oral hygiene and visit Dr. Benson on a regular basis for routine checkups. Your oral hygiene routine should include brushing multiple times daily and using mouthwash to help keep the bridge and teeth free of plaque. Flossing is a vital part of caring for a dental bridge. You will need to floss around and under it every day to remove trapped food and debris.

Will people notice I have a dental bridge?

We will design your dental bridge so that it blends in with your natural teeth, making it hard for people to notice it. Modern dental bridges are made to match the color and shape of natural, existing teeth. The materials that dental labs use today make dental restorations look more realistic, increasing their discretion and aesthetic appeal in your smile.

What should I do if my dental bridge breaks?

If you accidentally break your dental bridge, please schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Benson as soon as possible. Keep all of the broken pieces and avoid chewing on the side of the mouth with the bridge. This is important to avoid worsening the damage and to prevent injury and discomfort. Never attempt to repair it yourself. At your appointment, Dr. Benson will assess the damage. If he cannot repair it, he will begin the process of replacing your dental bridge.

Book an Appointment for a Dental Bridge in Sarasota, FL

Integrated Dental offers consultations where Dr. Benson will examine your entire mouth and determine which solution will work best for your oral health. Dental bridges are a great solution for missing teeth. To see if you qualify for one, call us at 941-270-9755 or request an appointment our website. We can provide you with a custom dental bridge in Sarasota, FL to restore and renew the appearance and health of your smile.