Sedation Dentistry Sarasota, FL

Are you not looking forward to your next dental appointment? Does the thought of visiting the dentist fill you with fear? You’re in good hands. Dr. Melvin Benson provides sedation dentistry services for patients in Sarasota, FL. He received a Certification in Adult Conscious Sedation from DOCS Education.

The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) offers advanced dental courses for dentists learning about sedation dentistry. DOCS allows dentists to take continuing education courses to keep up with the best methods of dental sedation. Dentists learn from master practitioners how to safely administer different types of sedation to ensure patient comfort. After their DOCS education, dentists are ready to implement their knowledge to provide patients comfortable, relaxing dental care.

Dental Sedation in Sarasota, Florida

Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry?

Patients with these problems benefit from dental sedation:

  • Dental anxiety
  • A fear of loud noises, tools, and pain
  • Poor gag reflex
  • Certain medical conditions

Sedation also benefits patients with lengthy or more complex dental treatments. Our dental team collaborates with patients individually to find the best dental solutions for their smiles. Meeting each patient’s goals, budget, and oral health needs is our goal. If you have any questions about your finances and dental insurance, call our office or visit Payment and Insurance. 

Dental Sedation in Sarasota, FL

Dr. Benson offers oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Patients take oral conscious sedation before treatment in the form of a pill. Because it takes time to wear off, patients will need a ride to and from their appointment under oral conscious sedation. Under oral conscious sedation, patients will remain conscious but will not feel any pain. They may feel sensations, but they will not be painful or uncomfortable.

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that we administer with oxygen through a mask or cannula. When patients breathe in nitrous oxide and oxygen, they can almost immediately feel their effects. Under nitrous oxide, patients may feel light-headed but calm and relaxed. Nitrous oxide also wears off quickly, so patients can drive themselves to and from their appointments. This type of sedation is also safe for children, as we adjust the amount of nitrous oxide and oxygen according to each patient.

Anxious patients benefit from oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide because they can feel more comfortable during their treatment.

We will also use local anesthesia to numb a treated area. Our team can also use a combination of anesthesia and sedation as needed. Please let us know if you or a loved one have dental fear and require accommodation. Even before your next visit, we can plan accommodations based on your specific oral health needs.

We will also perform an examination to customize your care. We are committed to giving you the best dental care available. Our friendly staff aims to create a comfortable environment where patients can ask any questions and voice their concerns.

Receive Comfortable Care

Do you have dental fear or anxiety? Our team is here to help suggest the best treatment method depending on your level of anxiety and dental needs. Call Integrated Dental of Florida at 941-270-9755. You can also schedule a dental appointment on our website.