Durable Tooth Replacement with Implants

Looking for the most comprehensive treatment to replace missing teeth? You should ask your dentist about dental implants. These fixtures can restore the function, health, structure, and aesthetics of your smile in the wake of tooth loss. Whether you lost one, several, or an entire arch of teeth, your dentist can offer you the right type of implant to suit your unique needs.

Many people appreciate the long-term benefits of implants. But how does a dentist ensure that your implant can stay in place for as long as possible? Read on to discover how each part of the dental implant contributes to durable tooth replacement.

Durable Tooth Replacement with Implants

Implanted Anchor Creates Strong Foundation

Implant dentistry begins with the placement of the anchor of the dental implant fixture. Your dentist inserts this titanium post into the jaw beneath the gumline where it can fuse with the jawbone while you heal.

You can receive as many anchors as needed for your implant within one procedure. The fusion process allows the anchor to serve as a solid foundation to support the rest of the implant fixture.

In order for the fusion process to happen properly, you must have a healthy jawbone. The dentist will check your jaw health prior to your treatment using x-ray imaging. If you suffer from bone loss in the jaw in the wake of tooth loss, then your dentist might suggest a bone graft to add stability to the jaw.

The anchor of the implant ensures that the device can stay in place for twenty years or longer. You will not have to worry about slippage like you might with removable tooth replacements. If the implant feels wobbly, let your dentist know because this is not normal.

Additional Support from Abutment

A dental implant also features an abutment, a connective piece that screws atop the anchor at the gumline. The abutment strengthens the link between the anchor and the prosthetic teeth, increasing the durability of this fixture.

This way, you can look forward to biting, chewing, and speaking without harming your implant. The confidence inspired by the secure fit of an implant is priceless. Learn more about the advantages of an implant over other tooth replacements by giving your dentist a call today.

Custom-Made Prosthetic Teeth

Your dentist will build custom prosthetic teeth to attach to the top of your dental implant. They can suit your smile aesthetic goals by considering your ideal tooth color, size, and shape as well as ensuring a natural-looking finish. But this individualized approach to dental prosthetics will also maximize durability.

The dentist will construct custom prosthetics that fit your mouth so that the device will not disrupt your bite. Then the implant can last longer because you do not exert uneven pressure on this appliance.

Plus, the ceramic material of the prosthetic teeth will withstand the pressure of chewing and other oral functions, meaning the device will not crack or break. It will also resist staining so that you can enjoy the gorgeous appearance of these prosthetics for as long as possible.